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Agricultural Well Pumps

Agricultural well pumps are typically 10-100GPM’s requiring medium sized 6T, 10T or 12T rigs (2 we own, plus one 10T coming soon) to handle the weight of the column pipe, pump, motor and cable downhole. Pumps set between 200-900′ deep!

Residential Well Pumps

Residential well pumps are the lightest weight typically 7-10-18GPM’s requiring only a 5T rig to handle the weight. Pumps set between 100-650′ deep.

Municipal - PWSD - Industrial

Municipal, PWSD and Industrial well pumps are the heaviest and typically pump 100-1100 GPM’s and are set here between 300-1400′ deep. These require a 10T, 12T or our biggest RD-20T rigs to handle the extreme weight of 2″, 3″, 4″, 5″, 6″ 8″ or even 10″ diameter steel column pipe. ISN Certified.

With either Top drive motor & steel line shaft running inside down to the pump bowl assembly or just submersible column pipe with a huge submersible pump assembly bolted to a huge submersible motor with huge electric submersible cable SS banded to the outside of this pipe all the way to the bottom of the pump assembly.

We use the spinning wrenches to quickly screw it back together and reinstall the repaired pump to FIX YOUR PUMP FAST!!!!